5 Day Painting Challenge: Day 3

Charcoal drawing of a model.

ART+WORK+LIVING Facebook Group • 5 Day Painting Challenge • Day 3

24 x 18 inches; Charcoal on Newsprint; Time: 20 mins

The goal is to learn to paint quickly and confidently, and to paint every day and establish a new pattern of practice. The goal is NOT to paint a great painting–just to paint.

An important part of what I do is accurate drawing. With the goal of a 20 minute piece, I went to charcoal, an easy and natural choice that I could handle quickly and easily. I also went back to my first love-working from a live model (via zoom). I like the freedom in this sketch, and the proportions and drawing met my standards.

#artworklivingchallenge @MaryGilkersonArt

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