5 Day Painting Challenge: Day 5

Painting of a man in a leather jacket and hat reading a map.

ART+WORK+LIVING Facebook Group • 5 Day Painting Challenge • Day 5

16 x 12 inches; Oil on canvas; Time: 50 mins

The goal is to learn to paint quickly and confidently, and to paint every day and establish a new pattern of practice. The goal is NOT to paint a great painting–just to paint.

Getting more and more comfortable with painting (one of the goals). Consequently, I’m free to think more consciously while I paint, and to remind myself of time limits, and what I need to leave alone. This is a good thing. 

The Challenge has me thinking more about big shapes, gotten me familiar again with tools I’ve been away from, and increased my speed and control. It’s been a great experience.

#artworklivingchallenge @MaryGilkersonArt

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